Optical Instrumentation for monitoring marine and freshwater ecosystems.

CPICS 1000-e

In-situ open flow underwater microscopes rated to 1000m. Embedded systems capture planktonic ogranisms in full color high resolution dark field microscopy.

CPICS underwater microscope

automated classification

Web user database for building machine learning algorithms and categorizing phytoplankton with environmental data.

Habitat mapping

Stereo imaging vehicle with a fully customizable sensor package for high data fisheries and habitat monitoring.

Coastal observatories

Long term ecosystem monitoring designed with a central node cabled to shore allowing remote control over customizable instrument arrays and real-time data analysis.

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HabStats - Harmful Algal Bloom Detection

Raman flow cytometer coupled with machine vision and machine learning for automated detection, classification and rapid response

Microplastic Detection and Classification

CoastalOceanVision is working with the Hawaii Pacific University to develop standardized techniques for extraction of microplastic polymers from sediment cores.


Stereo imaging module compatible with REMUS AUVs allowing for automated habitat mapping and suitability modeling.


Updates on current projects, announcements, additional features added to instrumentation.


Bivalve larvae imaging system coupling machine learning with polarized microscopy for automatic detection of larvae including oysters, mussels, clams and scallops.


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Images collected across various CPICS, HabCam and OceanCube deployments around the world.