OceanCube – Coastal Observatory System

CPICS deployment on an Ocean Cube at 60ft depth.

An OceanCube® is a cabled coastal observatory system designed to collect continuous real-time data and under-water images for scientific research and long-term envi- ronmental monitoring. A central node supports a variety of biological, physical, and chemical sensors and is optionally connected to as many as four satellite nodes at the corners of a cubic volume that provide current and temperature information. To observe the behavior of fish, stereo camera modules with hydrophones can also be connected. A cable from a shore laboratory to the central node is used to supply power, remotely control individual instruments and to transfer data back to shore at high speed.

Ocean Cube Schematic


The scalable design of our OceanCube platform provides great versatility for custom instrument configurations that can grow with your scientific needs and budget. Via wet-mateable connectors, sensors can be rapidly added or removed by divers without the need for expensive surface support equipment.OceanCube_photo OceanCube deployment